The Sound Of Shambhala: Journey towards inner harmony and balanced energy.


Eugenia Alexandrova


Visual Identity, Photo Editing

Eugenia Alexandrova, a passionate sound healing massage specialist, transitioned her hobby into a professional endeavour. She aims to provide distinctive services for open-minded individuals seeking stress relief and relaxation, focusing on women of all ages.

Eugenia envisions her marketing materials making an impact in noise-filled environments, reflecting her commitment to reaching her audience in diverse and energetic spaces. 

A balanced visual identity was achieved through careful iterations, with a thoughtfully selected colour palette for both digital and print media. Inspired by Buddhism, the project sought to capture the interplay between mind and body through sound vibration. Wassily Kandinsky's influence added an artistic depth, symbolizing the journey towards inner equilibrium.

This project invites contemplation of balanced energy, seamlessly merging sound, movement, and spirituality. It embodies Eugenia's vision of guiding individuals towards enduring equilibrium.

Philosopher's clean lines and rounded edges are modern and approachable, while Minion Pro's classic serif style is comfortable and trustworthy, both echoing the brand's mission of inner balance and harmony.

The color palette, curated with warm to vibrant shades, complements the sound healing concept. Each color adds a unique touch - "Corinthian Pink" for serenity, "Red" for energy, "Warm Black" for sophistication, and "Paper White" for clarity.

The curated photography, along with warm and inviting colors, creates an inviting and professional atmosphere that enhances Eugenia’s transformative practice.

The graphic device, represented by a line with varying thickness, embodies the essence of energy. These patterns artfully convey the fluid motion of the point, the diverse range of energy, and the intensity of sound.

The massage studio project relies on effective marketing through social media posts and A6 flyers. We used a 32-grid field to organise content and ensure flexibility in presentation, while a centralised alignment helped achieve visual balance and harmony.

The branding for Eugenia Alexandrova's sound healing massage practice embodies a profound journey towards inner harmony and balanced energy. Through the fusion of sound massage, Buddhist principles, and Kandinsky's artistic legacy, we have created a brand that stands out and encapsulates Eugenia's vision's essence — to guide individuals towards a state of enduring equilibrium.

I am always open to conversations and collaborations and would love to hear from you. Feel free to message me on any social media mentioned here.