Buddy: A fantastic place for relaxing family dinners.

Sebastian Meurer

Branding, Naming

Product, Childcare
We teamed up with a German entrepreneur named Sebastian Meurer who wants to revolutionise the dining experience for young parents. His product is all about providing a fun and safe environment for both kids and parents during mealtime, while also helping children explore and enjoy their food. The target audience is modern parents who value alternative parenting and want to create a happy atmosphere for their little ones. The focus is on making mealtime fun with lots of play and positive vibes!

Our main mission was to come up with a cute, eco-friendly, modern name and logo for this awesome high chair that's going to be sold in Europe.

Our client is really happy with our work, and now they're getting ready to launch the project on Kickstarter!

Buddy is featured among The Best Kids & Baby Brand Designs by DesignRush.

 Chaloops is a playful and lively font style created by Chalk Foundry. It is a sans serif font that has a bouncy and quirky feel to it. This font was used as the basis for the logotype.

A mascot is important for reinforcing brand presence and adding personality. We created Buddy, a cute and welcoming character inspired by Scandinavian designs. Buddy invites people to enjoy a happy and exciting meal.

We collaborated with a skilled 3D artist to design the Buddy model. Together, we discovered many potential avenues for growth and expansion, making this project highly scalable.

We believe brands become strong when they have a clear idea and philosophy. By using design, you can tell a story, create a vision, and position your brand.

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