Aurelius Lab: Responding to changes.

Prof. Peter Roberts — researcher at the Royal United Services Institute, studying contemporary conflict and war.


Radio broadcasting and scientific activities


Aurelius Lab is a global player in the national security sector that offers digital media and consulting services on tactics, operational art and strategy.They aim to establish a compelling brand identity aligned with their business goals that personifies their ethos, philosophy, and various outputs The company's brand values include disruptive thinking, knowledge sharing, real-time perspectives on war, critical thinking, foresight, intellect, deeper understanding, convening power, and trust. The target audience includes military and political staff from juniors to the most senior levels.  The objective is to develop a cohesive brand identity that distinguishes Aurelius Lab in the global national security landscape.

The concept is inspired by the gyroscope, symbolising constant, adaptive movement, reflecting different viewpoints. It focuses on looking at things from all angles, using clear thinking, and embracing different opinions. The gyroscope symbol in Aurelius Lab's logo represents this concept.

Aurelius Lab's visual identity is characterised by an adaptable grid based on a gyroscope's structure. This graphic device can be employed to create typography layouts, photography and image layouts, and even to showcase contrasting perspectives and juxtapositions.

We use a combination of red and blue colours to represent the group's innovative and expert approach to national security. Blue represents trust and reliability, while red represents energy and readiness to take action.


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